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Monday, February 20, 2012

tool 11

1. What are your favorite tools you now have in your personal technology toolbox? Briefly describe a particular activity that you will plan for your students using at least one of these new tools.
I'm looking forward to skypeing with other schools in our district, just to get my feet wet, to see the types of activities they are doing that I could do in my class.  I also like the idea of putting children in charge of taking stills or movies of certain skills, such as the push up, and then reviewing the shots to improve their form.   Exploring the world of Aps and collaborating with my HF colleagues will be fun.  

2. How have you transformed your thinking about the learning that will take place in your classroom? How has your vision for your classroom changed? Are you going to need to make any changes to your classroom to accommodate the 21st Century learner?   My thinking is transforming slowly.   I will get there but I do think it will be a moderate pace at which I will travel.  My primary goal in HF is to have the children leave MDE with a catalog of healthy ideas as a foundation for the rest of their life.  I believe technology will be a big part of that in the 21st century.  I think I already have made changes to my classroom to accomodate this learner with Brain Pop, You Tube, iTunes and can implement what I have learned with 11 tools to accomodate this learner.

3. Were there any unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?  What surprised me was the wealth of information there is "OUT" there.  Since doing 23 things, I'm finding there are more sites and resources for Health Fitness.  There has always been Health Sites but now I'm finding more to do with activities, bones, muscles, how to calculate heart rate and aps for the iTouch related to Fitness.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to learn all this cool stuff.

10 Tool

1.  What you put on the internet stays on the internet even if you take it off.  You don't ever want to give out any personal information (passwords, parents names, address, user names etc.).  When the students are at school they use their school email for school projects only.
2. I would use Brain Pop with the younger grades and possibly Cybersmart with 4th and 5th.
3.  I could teach the 4th and 5th graders a bit about digital citizen ship by going to the above websites and on cybersmart there is an on-line quiz the HF kids could take in pairs, in case one child has difficulty reading.
4.  I would put my policy on my blog, on my back to school letter and on my parent night letter.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


  1. I tie all learning to the objective I write on my whiteboard each day. One has to have a goal or you don't get there. I would tie my tech goal the same I do with my other goals.
  2. Students are always held accountable for their learning whether it is at a station, on the health fitness center floor or sitting by themselves in a desk.
  3. I visited each link and found that Learning Games for Kids had some potential but I couldn't get to anything relative. I then went to the SBISD page and found many things that I could use, in fact have used them already like the BMI. I've used this to help me with wordage to talk to my students after handing out their Fitnessgram reports. I've used Animoto for many things such as square dance, parent night and sponge activities when the students come into the gym.
  4. I was on a small committee to find free and low cost apps for Health Fitness. We found Brain Pop Jr. Wellness Tip of The Day, Runkeeper and of course, Animoto.I love the fact that students can look up stuff, use it and report back to the class. I would hold them accountable by listening and seeing if they met the objective for the station.
  5. I can have checkoff lists or they could go to the note app, write down their name and share two things they learned.
  6. Lots of questions and thinking involved with this one. Too bad it is early in the morning and not 5 O'Clock. Ha Ha

tool 8

I learned that the net books have a camera, just like my Mac at home and that it can hook up to a projector. I am looking forward to using this device for my "visual" lessons on the wall.  It is a pain to undock, hook up etc and then take it apart and use it during my plan time and then have to hook it up again.  Not a big pain but one that can be alleviated by the wonderful net book.

It will take some strategy to manage the devices since equipment is flying around the health fitness center.  My assistant and I will come up with something to keep the equipment safe.  I know others are trying to come up with a system to keep the devices I will be getting, safe.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tool 7

1. Content objective: Students will perform a square dance with another classroom via skype so as to get excited about their performance on Go Texan Day.
2. Implementing before February 24th
3. I plan to use a Macbook from the library with camera capabilities
4. Will perform for another school and hopefully another school can perform a dance for us. This can be used just before Go Texan Day to get the kids excited about performing for others and what it takes to do so.
5. I'm going to find another school in our district to collaborate with me. Perhaps Cedar Brook, Frostwood or Spring Shadows. I know they all square dance.

Giddy UP!

Tool number 6

I choose Google docs and Todaysmeet. My todaysmeet address is http://todaysmeet.com/MDE
and it is up and running for one week.

This is a cool tool that I can see using for several of my discussion topics in Health Fitness. One discussion that gets lots of questions is smoking. After my lesson I can have students go to this site and type in their questions. I can pick the most important questions and then discuss the next day. This could be done in the classroom in small groups to encourage participation.

The other product I've explored was Google Docs, which I have used before, primarily with schedules between the specialists. Natali has sent several docs my way to see if the subject matter is appropriate and useful for our muscle unit.

Tool 5

Wordle: Untitled

I used Wordle to create the first product and Animoto to create the second product.
I can use the Animoto before Square Dancing as a motivator for the children. If student is excused from HF I can have them take pictures and create a short Animoto for the class and play it for the class to see how they are progressing on a certain song. This would be done on our new iPod touch.