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Monday, January 16, 2012

Tool 7

1. Content objective: Students will perform a square dance with another classroom via skype so as to get excited about their performance on Go Texan Day.
2. Implementing before February 24th
3. I plan to use a Macbook from the library with camera capabilities
4. Will perform for another school and hopefully another school can perform a dance for us. This can be used just before Go Texan Day to get the kids excited about performing for others and what it takes to do so.
5. I'm going to find another school in our district to collaborate with me. Perhaps Cedar Brook, Frostwood or Spring Shadows. I know they all square dance.

Giddy UP!

Tool number 6

I choose Google docs and Todaysmeet. My todaysmeet address is http://todaysmeet.com/MDE
and it is up and running for one week.

This is a cool tool that I can see using for several of my discussion topics in Health Fitness. One discussion that gets lots of questions is smoking. After my lesson I can have students go to this site and type in their questions. I can pick the most important questions and then discuss the next day. This could be done in the classroom in small groups to encourage participation.

The other product I've explored was Google Docs, which I have used before, primarily with schedules between the specialists. Natali has sent several docs my way to see if the subject matter is appropriate and useful for our muscle unit.

Tool 5

Wordle: Untitled

I used Wordle to create the first product and Animoto to create the second product.
I can use the Animoto before Square Dancing as a motivator for the children. If student is excused from HF I can have them take pictures and create a short Animoto for the class and play it for the class to see how they are progressing on a certain song. This would be done on our new iPod touch.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tool 4

I uploaded my beginning of the year parent letter into google docs (clothing responsibilities portion only) and shared it with several MDE colleagues. I can see using this with other HF colleagues since they are always asking me what I send home for "this" or "that" so now they can go to google docs and see. What is cool is they can change the page to fit their needs.

As a HF teacher, it might be hard google docs but the form would be good to use to get information about field days, fitnessgram or square dancing.

Haven't found any google apps that I can use with students but will try. In my classroom, TEA suggests the students experience moderate to vigorous physical activity 80% of their class time. Therefore, it would be hard to use but I am open to suggestions. Perhaps my colleagues will share something in google docs with me. :-)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tool 3

I'm constantly tying shoes in Health Fitness and it can be tiresome all day long so...I've found a video to show the kids several ways to practice shoe tying.

I thought I would select a jump rope video.  Kids get frustrated not being able to jump rope when they see all their friends jumping.  This would be another strategy for the kids to see and then do.

After reading the info on copyright I learned that it is very complicated and when I do a project I should consult the information again or someone who knows more than me.  Basically I need to cite information and images that I use.

I created a dropbox account and downloaded a few images of shoes that are safe and unsafe to wear in HF class.  This will be a nice account to have since I can access it from any computer.