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Sunday, February 19, 2012


  1. I tie all learning to the objective I write on my whiteboard each day. One has to have a goal or you don't get there. I would tie my tech goal the same I do with my other goals.
  2. Students are always held accountable for their learning whether it is at a station, on the health fitness center floor or sitting by themselves in a desk.
  3. I visited each link and found that Learning Games for Kids had some potential but I couldn't get to anything relative. I then went to the SBISD page and found many things that I could use, in fact have used them already like the BMI. I've used this to help me with wordage to talk to my students after handing out their Fitnessgram reports. I've used Animoto for many things such as square dance, parent night and sponge activities when the students come into the gym.
  4. I was on a small committee to find free and low cost apps for Health Fitness. We found Brain Pop Jr. Wellness Tip of The Day, Runkeeper and of course, Animoto.I love the fact that students can look up stuff, use it and report back to the class. I would hold them accountable by listening and seeing if they met the objective for the station.
  5. I can have checkoff lists or they could go to the note app, write down their name and share two things they learned.
  6. Lots of questions and thinking involved with this one. Too bad it is early in the morning and not 5 O'Clock. Ha Ha

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